2014 New York State Umpires' Annual Meeting Notice

Fire Station Number 1 - http://www.chenangofire.org
86 Castle Road
Binghamton, NY 13905

Sunday October 5, 2014
8:00 AM - coffee and doughnuts
9:00 AM - Business Meeting

BANQUET INFORMATION (Buffet Style) Saturday October 4, 2014

  • Nirchi's on the Avenue
    • Cash Bar - 6 PM
    • Dinner - 7 PM
    • 215 Washington Avenue, Endicott, NY
  • DeVivo Award Presentation to follow dinner

The NYSBUA will pay for two dinners for each chapter. Additional dinners must be paid ($30.00) at the banquet. Each chapter must RSVP WITH NUMBER ATTENDING by September 29, 2014 to Eric Olsen at 607-765-6275 or eolsen@stny.rr.com.

IT IS RECOMMENEDED THE EACH CHAPTER HAVE REPRESENTATION AT THE FOLLOWING. On Saturday afternoon, October 4, the Education Committee will provide 4 presentations in the first floor meeting room at the Comfort Inn beginning at 1:00 PM. The topics are:

  1. Fitness
  2. Assigning
  3. Recruiting and Retention
  4. Umpire Training

Each topic will be covered by a different presenter and run for 30 minutes. Each module will have 15 - 20 minutes of content with the remaining time devoted to questions and answers. At the conclusion of the 4th remaining for additional questions and answers from attendees.

Tony Devivo Award applications will be sent by email in 2015. Committee Chairman Joe Grady has requested that chapter representatives coming to the annual meeting bring the email address of the person that will receive the award application OR forward the chapter name and email address to Joe at umpire1154@aol.com.


  • Territorial Rights by the Executive Committee

If you have any questions, please contact Don Volk at 716-785-6107 or sportsdon@roadrunner.com.

Congratulations to all the umpires
at the NYSPHAA Baseball Championships
June 14, 2014!


Section Umpire Name Chapter
SECTION I Frank Milanesi Westchester
  Jose (Pepe) Cabello Mid-Hudson
SECTION II Kent Sellner Schenectady
  Mike LaDuke Schenectacy
SECTION III Tony Bonvino Mohawk Valley
  Scott Knapp Watertown
SECTION IV Fred Colombo Ithaca
  Matt Tallon Endicott
  Chris Jeffray Elmira
SECTION V John Sculli Geneva
  John Wilbur Geneva
SECTION VI Marv Cummings Chautauqua County
  Jerry Reilly Chautauqua County
SECTION VII John Ireland Lyon Mountain
  Rick Smith Westport
SECTION XIII Ray DeVito Nassau
  Marquis Stephens Nassau
SECTION IX Jim Distefano Orange County
  Frank McGrath Orange County
SECTION X Bob Ahlfeld Massena
  Joe Stark Massena
SECTION XI Rich Lionetti Western Suffolk
  Dennis Horne Western Suffolk

Equipment Suppliers
Federation Rule Changes
Tony DeVivo Award Winners

Part II Mistakes

Here they are, the five most missed questions off the exam. Locally we did very well on the exam, with 97.5% passing the exam on the first try, however there were five questions, that at the minimum, 25% of us missed.
#1 Quest. 77 - 47.5% missed.
A runner is awarded one base when:
A.) A foul fly is caught by the fielder who then leaves the field of play by stepping with both feet into a dead-ball area.
B.) Attempting to advance at the time a ball becomes lodged in an offensive player's uniform or equip.
C.) Both A&B.
D.) Neither A or B.

Most took the obvious wrong answer, 'A'. A little bookwork will lead you to 8-3-3d,f which will let you know that 'B' is also correct, making 'C' the correct response. What scares me the most is the 8% that took 'D'.

#2 Quest. 53 - 42.5% missed.
A balk will be declared when the pitcher delivers a ball:
A.) That is detected to have a foreign substance he applied to the ball.
B.) While wearing a bandage on the index finger of his pitching hand.
C.) While using a glove that included the color white.
And the answer that ALL 42.5% of you took -
D.) When his entire pivot non-pivot foot did not pass behind the perpendicular plane of the back edge of the pitcher's plate.

Why would you want to call 'D' a balk? What about 'A'? How do you plan on punishing this clown? Look at 6-2-1a,g,h and 6-2-4f for the correct interp.

#3 Quest. 89 - 40% missed.
At the pre-game conference, the umpire issues a warning to both teams for any player wearing jewelry while participating in the game.
A.) Any player wearing jewelry for the first time shall be ejected.
B.) A warning for the wearing of jewelry may not be given at the pre-game.
C.) If an umpire observes a player wearing jewelry while in the game, he may issue a warning to both teams at that point.
D.) A team warning should be given if a player in the dugout is observed wearing jewelry.

'B' is the correct answer here, no warning for the wearing of jewelry may be given at the pre-game.
3-3-1d Penalty.

#4 Quest. 14 - 35% missed.
A defensive appeal of a runner failing to touch a base or not properly tagging up is not considered to be a play.
The only T-F on the list. So, to you 35%, here's a play: Runners on second and third, no outs. Long caught fly ball to the outfield, which sees both runners tagging, but BOTH leaving too soon. The ball comes into the infield and the defense wishes to appeal the runner on third leaving too soon, the home plate umpires calls the runner out. Now, for the 35%, since this is a play, if the defense wishes to now appeal the runner on second leaving too soon, you would deny them the right? Yikes! Not only did you make the game longer, but you put yourself in an unenviable position if the defensive coach protests the decision.
The question itself is 2-29-6 practically copied out of the rule book.

#5 Quest. 93 - 25% missed.
The runner is attempting to return to second base. As he nears second, the shortstop is in his basepath without the ball and with no possible play. The runner dives over the shortstop, (who is obviously a midget), and makes no contact with him.
A.) The runner is declared out as the dive supersedes obstruction.
B.) The runner is awarded third.
C.) The ball is immediately dead.
D.) The dive by the runner is ignored because of the obstruction.

An assortment of incorrect answers here, but the correct one is 'A'. 8-4-2d will explain in print.

There you go, hope this helps -
Think strikes,

Herm Card honored by NYSPHSAA
HERMON CARD, a graduate of Maine-Endwell High School (Section IV) and Syracuse University, was a baseball and soccer official for 48 years. Card officiated over 1,300 high school baseball games including more than 200 NYSPHSAA postseason games and 200 high school soccer contests. He was President of his local officiating chapter for six years and Rules Interpreter for 26 years. Card was named Baseball Umpire of the Year and is a member of the Syracuse Baseball Umpires Hall of Fame (2005). For more on the 2014 HOF class ...click here!

There was a note in the 2012 Rule Book, (1-3-2d Note) inferring that in 2015,
non-wood bats would have tamper-evident protocol in place.
Since then, the time frame has disappeared from the book and the wording has been altered.
A question arose at a recent clinic if this 2015 deadline would be in effect.

The response from Indianapolis is: "We are unable to find the technology that is affordable to implement at the manufacturing level. Please tell your schools as long as the non-wood bats have BBCOR .50 on the barrel then they will be compliant."

Minutes from the October 6, 2013 Business Meeting
No changes to our uniform this year, however all chapters are reminded that the NEW pullover approved in 2012 is now required for all chapters and members.
Any other questions from the meeting ... click here!

Congratulations to all the umpires that worked
at the NYSBUA Baseball Championships
June 8, 2013!

Section I
Doug Murtha
Jose (Pepe) Cabello
Section II
Rick Blair
Mike Sharkey
Section III
Mohawk Valley
Tim Gaiser
Ed Bragg
Section IV
Steve Andrews
Morris Fletcher
John Lutes
Section V
South Central
Steve Smith
South Central
Scott Farnsworth
Section VI
Niagara Falls
Ed Murphy
Niagara Falls
Mike Salada
Section VII
Lyon Mountain
Paul O’Connell
Chris Mazzotte
Section VIII
Peter Foti
Mike Healy
Section IX
Joe Cannon
Brian Lindhorst
Section X
Joe  Binion
James Paquin
Section XI
Eastern Suffolk
Robert Chierichella
Eastern Suffolk
Saam Jalayer

Just in (9/13) some pics from the 2013 State Tournament! click here!

Uniform information follows:

Approved models for NYSBUA pull over jacket beginning 2013 (replaces former Anaconda jacket)
· Smitty full sleeve: BBS-320
· Cliff Keen full sleeve: F26M NY

A Half sleeve version of the above jacket has been approved as an optional piece of equipment
· Smitty half-sleeve : BBS-324
· Cliff Keen- This is available in long sleeve only, but the 1/2 sleeve can be made for a minimum of 24 per order

· 2 year phase in period (2013-2014)
· A chapter will decide to implement the jacket change in either 2013 or 2014. Individual member should not purchase a new jacket in advance of their chapter’s timetable.
· All members of a chapter are to wear the same model jacket (either Cliff Keen or Smitty)
· By chapter vote, an American flag can be added to the back of the jacket, centered across the shoulder area (same as prior)
· Jackets without a waistband and that are tucked in are acceptable.

No other changes in uniform are approved.


Territorial maps are on line... click here!
If any mistakes or corrections need to be made,
they should be sent to Mark Rothrock at markrothrock@rochester.rr.com.

More are being added each year! What a great way to make info available to members. Take a look at these chapters and what they have done. Many of these websites cost chapters nothing at all, or less than $100 annually.

If your chapter isn't on board, isn't it about time?

Columbia Greene
Eastern Suffolk
Genesee Valley

Mohawk Valley
Nassau County
Niagara Falls
Rockland County
Western New York
Western Suffolk

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How about a 4 man mechanics review? ... click here!

The updated By-Laws and Constitution are now online.
Want to see them?....click here!

The state presentations are online now...click here!!


Capital District
Cattaraugus County
Chautauqua County
Columbia Greene
Eastern Suffolk
Genesee Valley
Lyon Mountain
Mid Hudson
Mohawk Valley
Nassau County
Niagara Falls
Orange County
Rockland County
South Central
Western New York
Western Suffolk
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