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ARTICLE I.              Membership

Section 1.        All duly qualified members of the chapters comprising the New York State Baseball Umpires Association (N.Y.S.B.U.A.) “at the time of the incorporation , July 2, 1954 and those chapters admitted after this date”, which members are in good standing at the time of the adoption of the amended constitution.

All member chapters accepted must comply with the five point program of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, (N.Y.S.P..H.S.A.A.), Inc.   Each local chapter and its members shall assume the responsibility of training, testing and certifying competent officials for all inter-scholastic contests scheduled by each of the member schools at all levels of competition in each of the sections of the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A., Inc.

Section 2.        Honorary Members.  The voting members at a duly organized meeting may elect honorary members by unanimous vote of the members of said committee then present.  Such honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of regular members, except the right to vote or hold office.

Section 3.        Admission of New Chapters.  New chapters may be admitted to the association by the following procedure:
When it is in the best interest of the existing chapter and the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A., the proposed group must request admission using the following criteria:  (a) complete investigation by the Secretary and President of the N.Y.S.B.U.A.  (b) recommendation to the Executive Board by the President and/or Secretary of this Association for acceptance as a charter member and (c) acceptance by a majority of the voting members present at the annual meeting.

 Section 4.        Suspension.    A member or chapter may be suspended for a period or expelled for cause, such as violation of any of the By-Laws or rules of the Association or a violation of the By-Laws or rules of any Chapter affiliated with the Association or from conduct prejudicial to the best interest of baseball.  Such suspension or expulsion or fine (see Appendix A, Article I) shall be by a two thirds vote of the members at the annual meeting, provided a statement of the charges shall have been mailed by Certified Return Receipt to such member or chapter at his/or their last recorded address at least fifteen (15) days before final action is taken thereon. This statement shall be accompanied by a notice of the time when, and the place where, the voting membership is to take action, providing said member or chapter shall have been given an opportunity to present a defense at the time and place mentioned in such notice.  The Executive Board shall also have the power to suspend officers of chapters and to appoint different officers.

Section 5.        Roster of Registered Chapters.  Each chapter shall submit a typewritten, alphabetical list of each registered member of the chapter on special forms to be provided each year by the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A.

ARTICLE II.            Dues

Section 1.        The annual dues for regular members shall be as detailed in Appendix A to Article II, payable in advance no later than July 1.  Any change in the annual dues shall be made by a majority vote of the members at a regular or special meeting.

Section 2.        Arrears.  Chapters who fail to pay their dues, subscriptions or assessments, within thirty days from the time the same become due, shall be notified by the Secretary and if payment is not made within the next thirty days shall be fined as detailed in Appendix A to Article II.  Said chapter shall be reported to the voting membership as in arrears and if so ordered by the membership, shall be dropped from the rolls and thereupon forfeit all rights and privileges of membership.

ARTICLE III.          Meetings

Section 1.        Annual meetings.  The duly accredited representatives of the chapters comprising the Association shall hold an annual meeting on the first Sunday in October of each year for the receiving of the annual report of all officers of the association, members of the delegation and other committees, and for the transaction of other business.  Notification of such meetings, signed by the Secretary shall be mailed to the last recorded address of the accredited representatives of the several chapters forming the Association, at least ten days and not more than twenty before the time appointed for the meeting.  All notification shall specify the time, place and purpose of the meeting.  Chapters requesting items for the agenda must submit the same thirty days prior to the meeting date to the Secretary.    

ARTICLE IV.           Delegates

Section l.         Number.  The affairs and business of the Association shall be vested in two delegates from each chapter.  The names of the delegates must be sent to the State Secretary.

Section 2.        Meetings.     All chapters must be represented at the annual meeting.  No State Officer will be allowed to act as a delegate for his chapter.  A chapter not a attending the annual meeting will not be eligible to officiate in the State Tournament the next time that chapter is scheduled to participate.

Section 3.        Duties of the Voting Delegates.  The voting delegates of this Association shall have the power to hold meetings at such time and place as they deem proper; to admit honorary members; to pass on suspension or expulsion of members in arrears; to appoint committees on particular subjects from the members of the Association; to audit bills and disburse the funds of the Association; to carry on correspondence and to carry into execution such other measures as they may deem proper and expedient to promote the objects of the Association and to best protect the interest and welfare of the members.  It shall also be the duty of the voting delegates to elect the several officers to conduct the business of the Association.   

ARTICLE V.            Executive Board.

Section 1.        Number.     The Executive Board of the Association shall be a President, a First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Sergeant-at-arms and the immediate Past President.

Section 2.        Method of Election.  The delegates of the Association shall elect all officers for a term of two years.  Each officer may be reelected at the discretion of the delegates.  Exception:  The term of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be indefinite at the discretion of the delegates.  A majority of a quorum shall be necessary to constitute an election.

Section 3.        Voting Procedure.  In order to be elected to an office, a candidate must receive more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast.  The candidate receiving the lowest number of votes will be eliminated.  Voting will then continue until one candidate receives more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast. If only two candidates remain and there is a tie vote, the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 4.        Duties of Officers.  The duties and powers of the officers of the Association shall be as follows:

President  -  The president shall preside over the meetings of the delegates and shall be a member ex-officio with regard to vote of all committees, excepting the nominating committee.  He shall also, at the annual meeting of the Association and at such times as he shall deem proper, communicate to the several chapters forming the Association, the members thereof and to the delegates, such matters and make such suggestions, as may in his opinion tend to promote the prosperity and welfare and increase the usefulness of the Association and its component parts and shall perform such other duties of necessity incidental to the office of the President. The President shall assign the duties of the Vice-Presidents. In case of the death or absence of the President, or his inability to act, one of the vice-presidents in order of seniority shall perform the duties of his office.

Secretary/Treasurer  -  The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep account of all money received and disbursed for the use of the Association.  He shall deposit all sums received in a bank account approved by the voting membership and make a report at the annual meeting, or when called upon by the President.  Funds may be drawn only upon the signature of the Secretary/Treasurer and President. The funds, books and vouchers in his hands shall be at all times subject to its inspection and control.  Within thirty days after expiration of his term of office he shall deliver to his successor, all books, money and other property.
As Secretary, it shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to give notice of and attend all meetings of the voting membership and all committees; to keep a record of their activities; to conduct all correspondence; to carry into execution all orders, votes and resolutions; to keep a list of the registered members of each chapter of the Association; to collect annual fees, dues and subscriptions and deposit them as required of him in his capacity as Treasurer; to notify the officers and members of their appointments on committees; to prepare under the direction of the voting membership an annual report of the transactions and conditions of the Association.  In case of the absence or disability of the Secretary/Treasurer, the voting membership may appoint a Secretary/Treasurer pro tem.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall be Bonded.

Sergeant-at Arms – The Sergeant-at-Arms shall compel discipline and order of everyone at every meeting.  He shall maintain the attendance sheet at every meeting, making certain that only members are permitted entrance to the meetings.  He shall refer guests to the President for permission to attend a meeting.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall act as parliamentarian for this Association.

Section 5.        Vacancy.       All vacancies in any office, shall be filled by the voting membership (delegates) without undue delay at any meeting of said delegates or at a meeting especially called for that purpose.

Section 6.        Compensation of officers.      The officers shall receive such compensation as may be determined by the majority of the members present at any annual meeting or regularly called meeting.  This annual compensation does not require a vote each year in order to be paid.

ARTICLE VI.           Committees

Section  1.       Standing Committees.     The President shall appoint the members of all standing committees.  The committees are:




Section  2.       Advisory Committee.  The Chairman will be the immediate Past President.  If unable to serve, the President will appoint a Chairman annually.  The members will help plan goals for the organization.

Section 3.        Audit Committee.   Members will audit the financial records of the organization annually.

Section 4.        Insurance Committee.   Members will be the liaison between the insurance company and the organization.

Section 5.        Grievance Committee     Members will be the Executive Board and rule on all grievances presented to it.

Section 6.        Education Committee.    The President shall appoint the Rules Interpreter for the N.Y.S.B.U.A.  The duties will be to conduct rule interpretation clinics for chapters and/or school officials.  He will prepare and submit to the Secretary for submission to the chapters various rule interpretations.

Section 7.        By-Law Committee.  Members will review and update State Constitution and by-laws.  They will also review all chapter by-laws.

Section 8.        Nominating Committee.  At the annual meeting in the year preceding election of officers, the President shall appoint a committee of five members, representing five chapters, whose duty it shall be to nominate candidates for offices to be elected at the next annual meeting.

Section 9.        Awards Committee.  Members will review the qualifications of nominees for any award and notify the Executive Board of their recommendations.  

Section 10.      Annual Meeting.     Members will arrange the site for the annual meeting.

Section 11.      Quorum.       A majority of any committee of the association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of its business.

Section 12       Vacancy.  The President shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring in the membership of any committee. The President may at any time appoint other committees on any subject. The Executive Board reviews and makes all final rulings on committee recommendations.

ARTICLE VII.         Conduct of Business of the Association

Section 1.        No officer or officers of the voting membership may settle any business of the Association which may be contrary or in conflict with any provision of these by-laws. Directors and officers shall discharge the duties of their respective positions in good faith and with that degree of diligence, care and skill which ordinarily prudent men would exercise under similar circumstances and like positions. In discharging their duties, directors and officers, when acting in good faith, may rely upon financial statements of the Association represented to them to be correct by the President or the officer of the Association having charge of its books of accounts, or stated in the written report by an independent public or certified public accountant or firm of such accountants fairly to reflect the financial condition of such corporation.  All questions for indemnification of director and officers shall be governed by Article VII Not For Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York as it currently exists or is hereafter amended.

Section 2.        A travel allowance shall be as described in Appendix A to Article VII, round trip for one car, and the cost of two meals, shall be allowed to each chapter when delegates of the chapters are traveling to meetings of the Association.  When traveling on official business for the Association officers and  members of the delegation will be given a travel allowance as described in Appendix A to Article VII, plus meals and lodgings necessary for conduct of such business.

Section 3.        Each chapter of this Association shall have its own territory and shall be the sole judge of applicants for admission to the Association as members through its territory.

Section 4.        Each chapter shall elect its own slate of officers to conduct the business of such chapter of the Association.  Each Chapter shall send two (2) delegates from its membership to be its voting delegates to the State Association meetings.

ARTICLE VIII.                   Amendments

Section 1.        These By-Laws may be amended, revised, altered or additions made thereto by a majority vote at any duly organized meeting of the membership, providing the proposed change is submitted by mail to the last recorded address of each member of the delegation at least ten days before the meeting which is to consider the change.

ARTICLE IX.           Supplemental provisions.

Section 1.        Uniform Assignment of Umpires.  The chapters and the members thereof comprising this association shall abide by the following regulation:

Whenever practical, a minimum of two umpires shall be assigned to handle duties of umpiring each game, which umpires shall be members of the Association.  If in the sole discretion of the person delegated to assign umpires, it is impractical or in the best interests of the Association, he may assign one member of the Association to umpire a game.  No member of the Association shall umpire a game in conjunction with an official not a member of the Association except in the instance of assignments to collegiate games, or when called upon to fill in, in the Professional Leagues.

Section 2.        Transfer of Registered Members.  It is permissible for a registered member of the Association to transfer his membership from one chapter affiliated with the Association to another chapter so affiliated.

Section 3.        Territorial Rights of Chapters.  Each chapter of the Association shall have exclusive right of assignment of umpires to all games being played within said chapter’s territory unless the home chapter agrees to  relinquish the right to officiate at that school.  Each chapter has control of  assignments within their territory.  Anyone entering their territory must be assigned by the local assigner.  Territories presently fixed and assigned to the several chapters comprising the Association may be enlarged or modified only by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of the voting membership.  Members must have permission to work in another chapter’s territory for High School, Summer Ball and Tournaments.

Section 4.        Standard Uniform.     The uniform of the association is:

Navy blue fitted cap; optional white lettering of the chapter's initials or the NYSBUA Logo may be worn on the hat. If worn, letters must be a maximum of two (2) inch high white letters or the NYSBUA logo. If a chapter approves a logo, each member must wear one. The State Secretary must be notified if a chapter adopts a logo.

Navy blue short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U126) 100% Nylon Micro Mesh or
2. Anaconda (model SS124) or
3. Smitty (BB-S300 NY navy short sleeve) with state logo embroidered directly on the middle of pocket.
Light blue short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U129) or
2. Smitty (BB-S300 PBR powder with red/white/navy trim) or
Red short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U126) or
2. Smitty BB-S300 RD) with navy/white
Navy long sleeve
1. Cliff Keen 100% Nylon Mesh navy blue long sleeved shirt or
2. Smitty (BB-S301 NY long-sleeve navy) with embroidered NYSBUA patch may be worn.
Both umpires must wear the same color shirt. The wearing of the emblem is mandatory. The pocket may be a regular pocket (sewn on three sides, open top) or an open top pocket with a separate section for a pencil or pen.
BEWARE: Cliff Keen shirts must be NON Dri-Fit model. This Dri-Fit model may have the same model number as the nylon micro mesh.

UNDERSHIRT: A long sleeve navy blue or red turtleneck shirt may be worn under a jacket but may not be worn under a short sleeved shirt without a jacket.  Any visible undergarment must be navy blue or red. Both officials must wear the same colored undergarment.

JACKET: A navy blue nylon (flat back) or pullover jacket with zippered turtleneck collar, waistband and cuffs are navy blue knit with navy/red/white trim, embroidered patch, no pockets.  The manufacturer will be Anaconda Kay Sports, Inc. Optional black or navy blue plate coat specifically designed for baseball may be worn behind the plate only. State patch must be embroidered on the left breast of coat.

BELT: black belt

TROUSERS: Heather gray trousers with or without pleats (expandable waist is acceptable)
1. Fechheimer Brother Company: Flying Cross Brand (#68230) Plate or base
2. Cliff Keen: Plate, combo or base, with or without pleats.
3. Smitty : BB-S370 (base pants); BB-S371 (combo pants); BB-S372 (plate pants)

SHOES: Black shoes or commercially made shoes predominately black in color with Logo and/or Trademarks of white only allowed; black socks;

Equipment must be black or navy blue with the exception of the chest protector which may be any color. Inside chest protector and shin guards must be worn under the uniform.

MASK: black or blue mask (straps and padding to be black, navy blue or tan/natural). Hockey style mask may be worn and must be navy blue or black.

BALL BAG: navy blue or gray ball bag;

Section 5.        Official N.Y.S.B.U.A. Emblem.  The official N.Y.S.B..U.A. emblem shall be embroidered (with the top of the patch centered) on the left breast of the shirt, and jacket.  Wearing of the emblem is mandatory.  Members found not wearing the proper uniform will be fined as described in Appendix A to Article IX, payable to the Chapter Treasurer.

Section 6.        American Flag.       Wearing the American Flag on shirts and jackets is optional..  The flag must be on the back of the shirt and jacket.  If a chapter approves wearing the flag, each member must comply.  The State Secretary must be notified. 

Section 7.        Summer Uniform.     When officiating a Summer game, optional powder blue or red shirt (Cliff Keen #U126) with the N.Y.S.B.U.A. logo on the pocket may be worn.  A navy blue undershirt may be worn under a powder blue or red shirt.  A blue or red undershirt is legal when worn under a navy blue shirt.  The American Flag may be worn on the back of the shirt.  All members must comply.

Section 8.        Interpretation Meetings.  A chapter not represented at one of the meetings will not be eligible to officiate in the State Tournament the next time the chapter is scheduled to participate.

Section 9.        Tobacco.     No official shall use any tobacco product on or near a playing field.

Section 10.      Jewelry.       No jewelry, other than a wedding ring, may be worn. Medic alert jewelry should be taped, as per the rule book.

ARTICLE X.            Fees and Fines

Section 1.        Fees.       The annual Liability Insurance fee for members shall be as described in Appendix A to Article X.  All fees are to be paid to the N.Y.S.B.U.A. Treasurer no later than July 1st., of each year.

Section 2.        Fines.       All fines will be paid to the N.Y.S.B.U.A. Treasurer with the exception of those mentioned in Article IX, Section 5.

ARTICLE XI.           Meetings

Section 1.        Special Meetings.     Written request of ten chapters of the Association to consider a specific subject.  Notice for any special meeting is to be given in the same manner as for the annual meeting.  No business other than that specified in the notice of meeting shall be transacted thereat.

Section 2.        Waiver.           Not withstanding the provisions in the foregoing sections, a meeting of the delegates of the Association may be held at any time and at any place within the State of New York, and any action may be taken thereat, if notice is waived in writing by every member of the delegation having the right to vote at such meeting.

Section 3.        Quorum.  The presence in person or representatives of at least 50% of the chapters comprising this Association shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  A lesser number shall cause the meeting to be adjourned to some future time, not less than ten, nor more than twenty days later.  The Secretary shall notify each duly accredited representative of the chapters forming this Association entitled to vote, at least five days before the date of the meeting.

Section 4.        Voting.  Two duly accredited representatives of each chapter comprising this Association represented in person shall be entitled to vote.  All question, the manner of deciding which is not otherwise prescribed shall be decided by a majority vote of the delegates present.            

Section 5.        Order of Business.  The order of business shall be as follows at all meetings of the duly accredited representatives of the several chapters comprising this Association:

1.         Call of roll
2.         Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice
3.         Reading of minutes
4.         Receipt of communications
5.         Election of officers every two years
6.         Reports of officers
7.         Reports of committees
8.         Unfinished business
9.         New business
10.      Agenda items

Any question as to priority of business shall be decided by the chair without debate.  This order of business may be altered or suspended at any meeting by a majority vote of the members present.