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ARTICLE VI.           Committees

Section  1.       Standing Committees.     The President shall appoint the members of all standing committees.  The committees are:




Section  2.       Advisory Committee.  The Chairman will be the immediate Past President.  If unable to serve, the President will appoint a Chairman annually.  The members will help plan goals for the organization.

Section 3.        Audit Committee.   Members will audit the financial records of the organization annually.

Section 4.        Insurance Committee.   Members will be the liaison between the insurance company and the organization.

Section 5.        Grievance Committee     Members will be the Executive Board and rule on all grievances presented to it.

Section 6.        Education Committee.    The President shall appoint the Rules Interpreter for the N.Y.S.B.U.A.  The duties will be to conduct rule interpretation clinics for chapters and/or school officials.  He will prepare and submit to the Secretary for submission to the chapters various rule interpretations.

Section 7.        By-Law Committee.  Members will review and update State Constitution and by-laws.  They will also review all chapter by-laws.

Section 8.        Nominating Committee.  At the annual meeting in the year preceding election of officers, the President shall appoint a committee of five members, representing five chapters, whose duty it shall be to nominate candidates for offices to be elected at the next annual meeting.

Section 9.        Awards Committee.  Members will review the qualifications of nominees for any award and notify the Executive Board of their recommendations.  

Section 10.      Annual Meeting.     Members will arrange the site for the annual meeting.

Section 11.      Quorum.       A majority of any committee of the association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of its business.

Section 12       Vacancy.  The President shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring in the membership of any committee. The President may at any time appoint other committees on any subject. The Executive Board reviews and makes all final rulings on committee recommendations.