Article Index

ARTICLE V.            Executive Board.

Section 1.        Number.     The Executive Board of the Association shall be a President, a First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Sergeant-at-arms and the immediate Past President.

Section 2.        Method of Election.  The delegates of the Association shall elect all officers for a term of two years.  Each officer may be reelected at the discretion of the delegates.  Exception:  The term of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be indefinite at the discretion of the delegates.  A majority of a quorum shall be necessary to constitute an election.

Section 3.        Voting Procedure.  In order to be elected to an office, a candidate must receive more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast.  The candidate receiving the lowest number of votes will be eliminated.  Voting will then continue until one candidate receives more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast. If only two candidates remain and there is a tie vote, the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 4.        Duties of Officers.  The duties and powers of the officers of the Association shall be as follows:

President  -  The president shall preside over the meetings of the delegates and shall be a member ex-officio with regard to vote of all committees, excepting the nominating committee.  He shall also, at the annual meeting of the Association and at such times as he shall deem proper, communicate to the several chapters forming the Association, the members thereof and to the delegates, such matters and make such suggestions, as may in his opinion tend to promote the prosperity and welfare and increase the usefulness of the Association and its component parts and shall perform such other duties of necessity incidental to the office of the President. The President shall assign the duties of the Vice-Presidents. In case of the death or absence of the President, or his inability to act, one of the vice-presidents in order of seniority shall perform the duties of his office.

Secretary/Treasurer  -  The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep account of all money received and disbursed for the use of the Association.  He shall deposit all sums received in a bank account approved by the voting membership and make a report at the annual meeting, or when called upon by the President.  Funds may be drawn only upon the signature of the Secretary/Treasurer and President. The funds, books and vouchers in his hands shall be at all times subject to its inspection and control.  Within thirty days after expiration of his term of office he shall deliver to his successor, all books, money and other property.
As Secretary, it shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to give notice of and attend all meetings of the voting membership and all committees; to keep a record of their activities; to conduct all correspondence; to carry into execution all orders, votes and resolutions; to keep a list of the registered members of each chapter of the Association; to collect annual fees, dues and subscriptions and deposit them as required of him in his capacity as Treasurer; to notify the officers and members of their appointments on committees; to prepare under the direction of the voting membership an annual report of the transactions and conditions of the Association.  In case of the absence or disability of the Secretary/Treasurer, the voting membership may appoint a Secretary/Treasurer pro tem.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall be Bonded.

Sergeant-at Arms – The Sergeant-at-Arms shall compel discipline and order of everyone at every meeting.  He shall maintain the attendance sheet at every meeting, making certain that only members are permitted entrance to the meetings.  He shall refer guests to the President for permission to attend a meeting.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall act as parliamentarian for this Association.

Section 5.        Vacancy.       All vacancies in any office, shall be filled by the voting membership (delegates) without undue delay at any meeting of said delegates or at a meeting especially called for that purpose.

Section 6.        Compensation of officers.      The officers shall receive such compensation as may be determined by the majority of the members present at any annual meeting or regularly called meeting.  This annual compensation does not require a vote each year in order to be paid.