Part 1 exam will be open from January 6th until March 19th.

Part 2 exam will be open on March 20th and close on April 30th.

Visit the NFHS Exam System website.

All of the Chapters received the test instructions in their packet at the State meeting last fall.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please have your members enter their NYSBUA Chapter name as the local affiliation. This will allow us to track who took the test by Chapter.

  1. What should we enter for the State Lic./ID? This field is not required but please have all your members type in NYSBUA. (I am hoping this will allow us to sort results easier)
  2. When and how will we get the answers so the Chapters can go over with their members? Once the exam is closed I will request an analysis report which provides the % of   correct answers, the number incorrect and number correct, the answer, the question and the rule reference.
  3. Will you send me the test scores or are we asking for the membership (Chapters) to do it somehow? I will be sending you weekly results that will be an accumulation of all the weeks. NYSPHSAA will be removing all duplicate tests results keeping only the highest score throughout the exam period.
  4. Will you provide which questions were missed or only the final score? The report that Chapters will receive from me weekly will be on the accumulation of testers and their highest score. (See answer to #3 above).
  5. What is a passing grade? A score of 85 or higher is required to pass the exam.

Finally, the cost to take the NFHS Exam is $0.50 per member. NYSBUA does not care which test your membership takes (Part I or Part II).  We will leave that up the local chapters. PLEASE NOTE: Your Chapter will be billed for each member that takes the exam.  So for example; if a member takes both parts of the exam (Part I & Part II) your chapter will be billed $0.50 for each exam taken.