There appear to be two questions that are not able to be answered on Part II, along with another where the answer key is wrong.

In our chapter, we gave credit to all on #23 and #83, but changed the answer on #15 to B.  You are free to do whatever you'd wish.

- Ron Gabriel

23. The following statement on obstruction is false:
A. The ball is delayed dead.
B. The act must be intentional and only physical.
C. Occurs when a fielder with possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve.
D. Is declared when a fielder without the ball simulates a tag on a runner. 

Both B and C are false. Perhaps choice C was meant to say "without" possession of the ball.


83. With the runner from third attempting to steal home, the batter swings and misses and his follow-through contacts the catcher, causing him to drop the ball.
A. This is backswing interference on the batter. 
B. With one out, the runner from third is out.
C. With two outs, the batter is out.
D. A, B, and C 

Both B and C are correct, however A is not.  Perhaps choice A was meant to say "follow through" interference


15. The request for an intentional base on balls must be done:
A. Before the first pitch to the batter.
B. On any ball and strike count.
C. Both A & B. 

Key word - MUST, because of that only B is the correct response, not C as the answer key says.