Part 1 Exam will be open on January 6th and close on March 31st.

All of the Chapters received the test instructions in their packet at the State meeting last fall.

Part 2 Exam will be open on March 20th and close on April 30th.

Meeting Minutes from the Annual Meeting held on October 1st, 2017 in Binghamton will be posted soon.  Video and Handouts from the Three Man Mechanics presentation is available on the Presentations page.

Congratulations to Don Volk, recipient of the 2017 Tony DeVivo Award.


The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee and the NFHS Board of Directors believes there are areas of the game of interscholastic baseball that need to be addressed and given special attention. These areas of concern are often cyclical, some areas need more attention than others, and that is why they might appear in the rules book for consecutive editions. These concerns are identified as “Points of Emphasis.” For the 2018 high school baseball season, attention is being called to: Sportsmanship (Bench Jockeying Celebrations, Negative comments between opponents), Jewelry Rule Enforcement, Administration of NFHS Rules, and Proper Pitching Positions. When a topic is included in the Points of Emphasis, these topics are important enough to reinforce throughout the academic year because they are not being given the proper attention.