The following questions on the Baseball Part II Exam have had corrections as noted below.

40. A balk will be declared when the pitcher delivers a ball:  (Correct Answer: D [resulting in everyone getting the question correct.])
A. That is detected to have a foreign substance he applied to the ball.
B. While wearing a bandage on the index finger of his pitching hand.
C. While using a glove that included the color white.
D. All of the Above.

69. With the runner from first attempting to steal second base, the batter swings and misses the pitch for strike two.  His follow-through contacts the catcher and causes him to drop the ball on his attempted throw. (Correct Answer: A)
A. The batter is declared out and the runner is returned to first.
B. The runner is declared out and the batter continues his at-bat.
C. Both the batter and the runner are declared out.
D. B and C.

93. Player's batting record shall include: (Correct Answer: D [resulting in everyone getting the question correct.])
A. On-base percentage. The number of times he batted, the runs he scored and the base hits he made.
B. Total number of base hits.
C. On-base and slugging percentage.
D. All of the Above.

#80 has no answer.  Therefore, everyone should be given credit.  Have your members circle 'B', as this is the answer that was given.

What follows is the schedule for all clinics.  Bear in mind that the interpreter or his assigned representative MUST attend at least one for your chapter to remain eligible for the State Tournament.